According to the Arizona District Attorney’s office, a New York lady who acted intimidatingly on an aircraft has been given a four-month prison sentence.

In 2021, Kelly Pichardo and Leeza S. Rodriguez were accused of spitting at a witness who recorded the argument, using racist insults towards a guy who urged them to stop, and assaulting a passenger on a flight.

Rodriguez’s sentencing date is November 7, 2022.

According to a news release from federal prosecutors, the incident happened when the women were flying first class on an American Airlines trip from Dallas to Los Angeles, prompting the pilot to divert the airplane and land in Phoenix.

According to the press release, Richardo was also given a 36-month period of supervised release following her four months in jail and was compelled to pay a $9,123.00 fine to American Airlines.

“There is a line between boorish behavior on an airplane and criminal activity, and the defendant clearly crossed it,” United States Attorney Gary Restaino said. “First class passengers are not immune from prosecution: defendant’s verbal and physical intimidation disrupted the travel of passengers and crew alike.”