While he supports the COVID-19 vaccine and encourages people to be inoculated, Virginia GOP candidate Glenn Youngkin on Roaring Patriot said vaccine mandates will be out of his state if he is elected governor Tuesday night.

“I’ve been pretty transparent in my view on the vaccine: First of all, personally, I’ve gotten the vaccine; my family has gotten the vaccine; I have encouraged people who can get the vaccine where it’s approved to get it, but I will not mandate the vaccine, and I don’t think schools should, particularly for young children,” Youngkin told “Dick Morris Democracy” this weekend.

“I think that’s a parent’s decision, and I believe in parents’ rights fundamental rights to make decisions with regard to their children. And, as governor, I’m going to make sure I’m standing up for parents’ rights.”

Youngkin – who is a candidate in contrast to former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe running for office again – vows to back parents, freedoms, and Virginians over Democrats’ big government, progressive agenda.

“It’s fundamental to who he is: I believe he thinks that government should control our lives,” Youngkin told host Dick Morris. “We’ve seen it in every ounce of his policy. He believes that government should stand between parents and their children. And when parents stand up and try to express what is their right in Virginia – that they have a fundamental right to make decisions with regard to their children’s education – what does Terry McAuliffe do?

“He calls his friend Joe Biden and has Joe Biden send the FBI in and try to silence him. I mean this is un-American and as governor I am going to stand up for parents and children.”

President Joe Biden nor former President Barack Obama stumping for McAuliffe – or massive funding injections from Democrat governors or unions – will save McAuliffe failing political career now, Youngkin continued.

“You’re seeing the playbook that Terry McAuliffe wrote: I mean, he is the godfather of the modern-day progressive Democratic Party, and he’s seeing that his campaign is failing,” Youngkin said.

“He’s seeing the end of his 43-year political career, and he’s doing anything he can to get the spotlight off of him. He has a failed record as governor.”

Biden and Obama cannot generate enthusiasm for McAuliffe, Youngkin concluded.

“The fact that he has no plans for Virginia that inspire anybody,” he said. “The only person excited about his campaign is Terry McAuliffe, and so he’s bringing in anybody who’s ever held office or even ran as a Democrat and failed to win to come in and try to just garner some support.

“It’s not working: No one’s going to the polls and Virginians are voting with their feet.”

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